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Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions

Can I have a hedgehog for my garden - A large percentage of the hedgehogs we have brought to us are returned to the garden they were found in, the guidelines from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society state that hedgehogs should be returned back to where they came from where possible. 

I do not have a hedgehog in my area, can you release some - We will only release hedgehogs where there is already an existing population, which is within the guidelines set out by the BHPS, if there is not a population there will be a reason for that.

What should I feed hedgehogs visiting my garden - when feeding in the garden we must remember that this is support feeding, we are not trying to replace their natural feeding. 

Foods to feed are 

Meaty Cat food

Cat Biscuits

Specialist meat based hedgehog food such as Brambles or Spikes

A shallow bowl of water  

Foods to avoid are    



Sunflower Hearts, 

Dried Fruit


Cooked / Raw meat

Processed foods such as cakes etc

The foods that are listed to avoid are due to the effects they can have on the health of the hedgehog

Can I bring my children to visit the hospital - As a homebased rescue we are not open to the public, we do have 2 open days each year in May and September to allow people to see what we do. Please do not knock on the door requesting to come in and look around at any other time, we will say no, firstly the hedgehogs need a stress-free quiet environment and secondly because it is my home. 

Is there anything you need- We accept donations of food (Cat food both wet and dry), Newspapers (Please no magazines, junk mail etc) cleaning supplies such as washing up liquid, washing power, bin liners, cleaning cloths, surface wipes, these items can be left in out collection points - Outside the Rescue - Woodlands Vets in Warden Hill, Tesco Brockworth, Co op Barnwood and Co op Churchdown.